Languages and Modalities (LaMo) is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to disseminating new ideas and research results achieved in the diversified area of the study of meaning construction in and across various languages and modalities.

Providing an open-access platform for international audiences of scholars in cross-lingual and multimodal semantics and related fields of communication studies – cognitive and cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, semiotics, education and philosophy, the journal contributes to building up the capacity of cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas worldwide.

The journal focuses both on the state of the art and breakthrough results in the study of meaning with an emphasis on the multiple ways meaning is being negotiated across languages and modalities, i.e., modes and channels of communication.

Publisher: Moscow State Linguistic University - Ostozhenka str. 38, Moscow, 119992, Russia

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Publication types: Research article, Editorial
Archived: CLOCKSS, Zenodo, Portico
ISSN 2782-5744 (online)
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